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Dr. Tingting Tang

Medical Director

Dr. Tingting Tang is a Licensed TCM practitioner. Currently working as the medical director of Dr Tang Acupuncture Clinic , she graduated from Shanghai TCM University in 2010. Dr. Tang also obtained a master degree of Applied Psychology in Middlesex University. She did her acupuncture training in Harvard Medical School, Boston. Dr. Tang is the faculty of post graduate diploma offered by Montpellier University, France and Dubai Health Authority.

Dr Tang is very passionate about acupuncture in women’s health and fertility. Since 2017 Dr. Tang is doing research in impact of acupuncture on fertility with Northwestern University ,Chicago. Dr. Tang has a very special moxa technique to treat all type of chronic and acute pain. She believes deeply on mental and physical health, she is also very experienced on alternative approach on treating anxiety, insomnia, and all other stress related illnesses.

Professor Shufen Sun

Professor Sun graduated from Zhejiang TCM university. She has 30 years experience in Chinese herbal medicine, and is well known in treating Asthma, using natural herbs to treat cancer , gastric disorder and all other chronic disease.

Dr. Shuangshuang Tang

Dr. Tang is a licensed TCM practitioner. She graduated from Shanghai TCM University 2010. Dr. Shuangshuang Tang is the senior council member of 1st Board of Specialty Committee of Children Health Care and Education of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. She worked together with Prof Liu Zhengyu to publish a book (Atlas of Practical Science of Children Acupuncture and Moxibustion) in 2019 February. Dr. Tang is very passionate in the treatment field of Autism , Brain Paralysis and all sort of developmental delay in children. She is a volunteer Doctor in Al Noor Training Centre for the children with special needs.

Dr. Tang is also very experienced on chronic disease such as asthma,digestive disorders, pain and stress management. She is also experienced in fertility and infertility cases.

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