Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Depression & Anxiety Treatment


It is estimated that approximately one in five people will experience clinical depression at least once in their lifetime. Although it is natural to feel sad and down at times, especially after experiencing loss, these slight effects can be managed with gradual lifestyle adjustments. Clinical depression, however, refers to a long- lasting and intense emotional, physical and cognitive state that greatly affects day-to-day life. It is traditionally treated with antidepressant medication, psychological methods or a combination of both. Side effect of the drugs is the common reason people search for alternative.

According to our experience, most of the depression and anxiety patients are associated with gastric disorder or insomnia. Normally these patients have low toleration for stress. Our depression treatment principle is to look at all as one problem. Our aim is to treat from root cause by using acupuncture and Chinese herb in order to restore the natural balance of the body. In this way depression can be relieved. Study published in the Journal of Endocrinology in March 2013 discovered stress hormones were lower in rats after receiving electric acupuncture (Eshkevari, Permaul and Mulroney, 2013).


Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses worldwide. Many people suffer some form of anxiety occasionally but others cannot manage this natural response to a stressful situation. When a person experiences a highly stressful or threatening scenario, the mind can be overloaded and fail to develop ways of coping.. Anxiety can trigger the following responses:

  • Physical, such as an irregular heartbeat
  • Cognitive, which can cause negative thoughts
  • Behavioral, which may include uncharacteristic aggression or restlessness
  • Emotional, such as fear

Traditional Chinese medicine relates anxiety to an imbalance of the heart, kidney and spleen. For instance: When heart lose its balance, it easily create fire, goes upward to disturb mind and lead to anxiety. Treatment varies with patients. We treat according to the root cause.

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