Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Individual programs are developed for each child, depending on his or her needs. All programs rely on current autism findings, with a strong focus on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Scientific evidence has shown that ABA is effective to teach new skills and to reduce problem behaviors in ASD children.

Opportunities for success are built into the program. Adjustments are made as children progress, helping them to function better.

Why choose us?

-In other places, merely trained therapists usually do the treatment. In our clinic, the clinical psychologist is in charge of the whole process. The psychologist conducts the evaluation, develops a customized treatment program for the child and implements the treatment. Because we understand that children and their parents deserve, and in fact, require quality treatment.

– We take care of children mental heath. A lot of studies supports that Children with ASD are particularly vulnerable to mental health problems such as Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder and Depression. The inability of children with autism to communicate feelings of disturbance, anxiety or distress can also mean that it is often difficult to diagnose depressive or anxiety states. If your child has ASD and a mental health problem (such Anxiety, Depression, ADHD), or if their behavior is causing problems, a psychological treatment is included.

-Learning from the criticism that other health professionals make about ABA. We take the best of ABA and correct the mistakes that health care professional are usually done in ABA therapy. This clinic is concerned about the intensity of ABA and the flexibility of the programs and we focus on the real use that the skills gained have on daily life.

– Parent education and training is an important part of the therapy. Usually parents only take part in some sessions to be informed about the progress of their children. Parents’ training consists of involving them in their child’s ABA therapy. The parents play a crucial role in supporting their child and helping them to improve their skills. Parent education and training is the key for the success in ABA. Research has consistently shown that when parents are involved in the ABA therapy process, outcomes are more positive. ABA just is not as effective without a team approach. If the behaviors that the ABA therapist teaches to the child are not generalized, reinforced, and maintained by the family, then one of two things will happen: the child will lose the skill, or the child will only display the skill for the therapist in a structured environment. This is only a partial success.

We take care of the family mental health.

Raising a child with an ASD has often been associated with higher levels of parenting stress and psychological distress. We take care of parents and siblings because we understand the nuances of the effects of the syndrome, both on people with autism and on their families and caregivers, and provide the appropriate intervention for them.

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