Migraine Acupuncture Treatment

Migraine Acupuncture Treatment

Why choose acupuncture?

Because of the possible side effect of the drugs for headache and migraine. A lots of people have started to search for alternatives like(migraine herbal or acupuncture treatments). Traditional Chinese Medicine treats headaches holistically, bringing balance to the body and emotions without chemical side effects and lowering the chances of relapse. Acupuncture is clinically proven effective and also considered an effective drug free therapy for migraine.

How do we treat migrane?

In Chinese medicine, we believe disease occurs when body goes out of balance, according to our theory ,migraine is caused by deficiency of both Qi (vital energy) and blood, blood stasis and excessive liver fire. We use acupuncture to remove the excess and tonish the weakness in order to eliminate future migraine attacks.

How long is the treatment?

10 session is a course, normally treatment takes around 1-2 courses. Some patients reported feeling the result after a few sessions.

Is acupuncture painful?

In our clinic, we use extra skinny painless needle for migraine patient, most patient don’t feel anything when doctor applies the needle. We use approximately 4-5 points.

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