32 Home Remedies for Diabetes

32 Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health problem which arises in our bodies due to hormonal abnormalities. Both of its forms I and II are really dangerous if not treated with properly. Here are some home remedies to treat diabetes.

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Use natural grains

  • Avoid exposure of smoking pipes and allergy causing agents
  •  Avoid drinking wines as it can disturb your blood glucose level
  •  Stop going out in too much polluted environment
  •  Say no to addicted foods and processed eatables
  •  Give preference to hydrogenated oils
  •  You shouldn’t use unsaturated oil and ghee products
  •  Avoid using artificial food items
  •  No bakery products are allowed
  •  Use refined hydrocarbons
  •  Give preference to processed starch
  •  Use both inorganic organic foods
  •  Don’t use flavorings and too many artificial sweeteners
  •  Avoid using nitrates and sulfite products
  •  Say no to nitrite eatables and carbon drinks
  •  Be habitual of diets containing vitamins, proteins and lesser sugar/ carbohydrates
  •  Do both high and low intensity exercises
  •  Make yoga a part of your daily life
  •  Brisk walk in the morning time will also be great
  •  Enjoy the bio-energetic foods and mediation plans
  •  The food supplements with omega 3s are great to go with
  •  Ma Huang is good for diabetes II patients
  •  Coleus Forshkholii contains active anti-dibetic ingredients
  •  Natural anticoagulants can regular your blood glucose level
  •  Lobelia is a powerful herbal medicine to cure the diabetic problems
  •  Reishi mushroom can be used once in a week as soup item or with your home pizza
  •  Herbal tincture is also great for BP and diabetes problems
  •  Glycyrriza can help soothe your digestive system and regulates the blood glucose
  •  Have lots of antioxidants
  •  Stimulate your digestive and immune systems by vitamin C and D
  •  Have bioflavonoids and rutins excessively
  •  Give preference to diets containing magnesium

No side effects:
The good thing about these diabetes treatment and home curing ideas is that they are harmless and easy to follow. You can enjoy healthy and fit life no matter you have diabetes I or diabetes II.

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