Back Pain & Acupuncture Treatment

Back Pain & Acupuncture Treatment

An average of eight out of ten people suffers from back pain during their lifetime. According to WHO (world health organization) acupuncture has been helpful to relieve back pain. In west, we rely on medicines and do not feel satisfied with herbal medicines or medical practices involving natural treatments.

This article will help you to reveal how acupuncture works and can help you to eliminate pain and improve your fitness.


Acupuncture is an effective medical system with an ancient history of 3000 years originated from China. It has been effective and practiced constantly during these years. Acupuncture involves thin needles inserted into your body points. The entire process is painless and helpful to treat acute condition.

Back Pain & Acupuncture

Life with back pain is so unpleasant and has a great impact over mobility. Patients cannot move freely, travel, sit or stand for longer periods. Moreover patient must use specific belts, chairs and beds suggested by the Doctors.

According to Journal of Internal Medicine sixty percent of patients treated with acupuncture improved to a noticeable condition. Moreover, number of know American Pain Societies recommend acupuncture for back pain treatment.

There are number of issues that cause that back pain, however usually it is caused due to muscle strain or spinal issues. According to acupuncture, there are more than two thousand identifiable points to treat in order to release blockages for smooth flow of the body energy.

Experienced acupuncturists usually examine your pulse and tongue while understanding your medical history.
After understanding your condition, acupuncturist will recommend you a number of treatments and visits to the clinic for acupuncture processes. Though acupuncture points vary depending upon your medical condition however it is common to get needles inserted into back, buttocks and back side of your knees.

If you are suffering from the back pain, avoid sitting or standing for long hours. Visit your nearest acupuncturist and discuss your medical issues for the necessary treatment.

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