How to Lose Weight with Food.

How to Lose Weight with Food.

It is very exciting news that you can lose weight by eating certain food. You don’t need to stay hungry and do tough exercises whole day. Just know the right food to burn fat and reduce unwanted bulge.
Here is a great list of food that will help you to burn fat in your body.

Drink More Water:

Drinking more water will help you to feel less hunger and keeps you well hydrated with good skin. Water is a necessary part of life as well as helpful in weight loss.
Drink a glass of water before eating the meal; this will help you in digestion, as well as consuming less calories. Drinking cold water will increase your metabolism followed by weight loss.

Green Tea:

Start drinking green tea every day. Use a good herbal tea with a desired flavor, so that you don’t get fed up with the taste. Use lemon in green tea to make it more useful.
Taking green tea everyday will help you burn unwanted fats and lose weight quickly.

Fresh Fruits:
Eat crunchy apple instead of milk shake. Apple has more fiber plus chewing will relax your brain and make your stomach full.


Add chili sauce to your food. Green chilies are a great source to increase metabolism. Chilies are very helpful to burn fats.

Nuts and Beans:

Nuts and Beans are rich in fiber. Nuts bind toxins and help to prevent toxic build up in the body. Beans are rich in protein. Moreover, they are slow to digest which make your stomach full for the longest period without feeling hungry.


Avocados have fats that are fast fat burners. Avocados contain healthy fats and can be used with meal.
Fresh Green Vegetables
Researchers have proven that fresh fruits and vegetables are not helpful for good health, but they are full of minerals with no fat. This will give you energy without adding fat to your body.
Add broccoli, lemon, carrot, spinach, garlic, chili to your food, some great sources to stay healthy with increased metabolism.

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